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Do You Need A Building Inspection Report In Melbourne?

We are qualified building inspectors in Melbourne.

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Trust Only Qualified Melbourne Builders For A Building Inspection Report.

Building Inspection Reports

Prepurchase Building Inspections provide industry best practice new building inspection reports for people needing to know the actual condition of a new property who are in the process of taking possession. We are your team of choice for fully licensed, fully insured and fully qualified builders – who have the ability to see what other, cheaper and less skilled property inspectors can’t provide.

Qualified Builders

Whatever your building inspection report needs, whether you are checking for rising damp, structural issues, engineering faults, roofing troubles, leaks or cracks in brickwork – we have your back. Prepurchase Building Inspections provide only qualified and experienced builders to look over your property.

Buy With Confidence

You absolutely must know that when you put your signature on the dotted line, you are confident in the property you have just purchased. There is no point in being penny-wise but pound foolish and then get stuck with a money pit that returns little on your investment.

Warning: A “good cheap building report” may save you a couple of hundred dollars but ultimately cost you ten’s of thousands if problems are not detected by the unqualified building inspector.


Obligation Free Property Meeting

*If you are not happy after meeting our building inspector, then you pay absolutely nothing. If we handle your job, you just pay a cost to hire us for a building inspection report. So it makes perfect sense to get on the phone now and provide us a call, so we can meet you at the property you need inspecting, in order to obtain a completed building report over to you as soon as possible.

Experienced Builders Make The Difference

Having someone with a watchful eye, looking for problems hard to see that amateurs miss, is a skill that only an experienced and qualified tradesman can provide. There are many potential traps with properties in various conditions and the last thing you want, is to be left with when you move or somewhere down the track is an unforeseen issue that could spell financial disaster with your investment.

Types Of Reports In Melbourne, VIC We Provide:

  • Dilapidation Reports
  • New Construction Reports
  • Defect Analysis Reports
  • Incomplete Works Reporting
  • Structural Damage Report

What Is Covered In A Pre-Purchase Property Report?

A building report is just one check you need to get done before buying a property.
This type of report is often referred to as a standard property report. A pre-purchase property inspection report produces a written statement on the condition of the property. Any significant building defects or problems are normally detected in a report like this. Problems such as:

  • wall cracking
  • safety issues or hazards
  • rising damp
  • roofing problems
  • safety hazards

It is usually conducted before you exchange sale contracts in order for you to uncover issues which, if left unchanged, could become costly to repair.
NB: A pest inspection report is different to a building inspection report. With a building inspection report a qualified builder is usually capable of detecting termite or white ants damage, however it is highly advisable to organise a separate pest inspection report to discover the issue with white ants.

Benefits of A Pre-Purchase Building Report

  • Forewarned is forearmed
  • Negotiate a better price
  • Leverage report findings to your advantage
  • Know what you are really buying
  • Understand future property costs
  • Avoid financial disaster

Who To Hire To Inspect The Property – Prepurchase Building Inspections

building-inspector-report-houseYour building inspection report should comply with the Australian Standard (AS 4349.1) but this depends on who you hire for the job. Some use a comprehensive checklist, include photographs, be provided in a standard format or are individually tailored to the building in question. The report should reveal to you the building and property’s condition and any major potential threats or costs.

With a standard building inspection report, the way it is carried out is normally just from a visual perspective. If there are hidden structural or major problems that can’t be visually detected, in may be a requirement to have the services of an additional assessor, such as a structural engineer, pest inspector, geotechnical engineer, an electrician or surveyor – to ensure you have yourself completely covered. This all depends on the property and it’s condition.

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